Sunday, October 18, 2009

Praying for a baby.

Giving God the glory. Would God get more glory if I were real and open and allowed friends to share with me in my journey, all the ups and downs and triumphs of Faith and all of the ways that God shows Himself faithful, or if I keep everything inside - because it is safer that way?

We are wanting another baby. We have been for a long time. Wanting, praying, aching, hoping, wishing, desiring, begging, longing. We are trusting God, trusting Him completely.

For those that are close to us, you know we would love to have a large family. We see children as a blessing from the Lord and would like to have as many as He blesses us with. This has been our desire since the beginning. Abigail is 18 months old this month. I am ready and wanting to be welcoming another baby into our family.

We are open to adoption, but don't feel God leading us in that direction at this point. I am just rambling here, but as I was talking with the Lord today, I felt a nudging to make this known. To make it known, so as to make Him known as we trust and follow Him. We praise Him if He chooses to bless us with another baby, we praise Him if He chooses not to. We pray that He would give us another child. We pray for His will to be done. I ask for you to pray along with us.

We have peace, contentment, and trust. Yet we have longing. I am thankful for this time, as it is causing me to draw closer to the Lord, and to have a bit of increased empathy for others who have heartaches, pain or longings. In the scheme of things my ache is so small. We are so very blessed. I am thankful beyond measure for my two beautiful children. They are a delight.

I am laying my desires at the feet of Jesus. Sitting at His feet. Praying for less of me, and more of Him. That's all for now.

*Please know that if you are expecting, or just had a baby, I am thrilled for you. No need to feel awkward or walk on egg shells here. Our family rejoices with you.*