Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reindeers at the zoo?

We went to the zoo today and had a lot of fun with our friends the Ellises. Jesse is a few month older than Noah and it was cute to watch them together - they are both all boy. I think their favorite part was the "sand box" right after the reptile house. One of the funny things was when we walked by one of the exhibits and Noah said: "look at the reindeers". I looked, and, um... they were kangaroos. Guess we've gotta work on those animals! We just got another season pass to the zoo (we hadn't been since before Abigail was born), so if anyone wants to go let us know! Speaking of reindeers - we were up at our friends the Hoopers this weekend, they live up on some beautiful property in Tollhouse, well, Noah also thought that their goat was a reindeer. Oops! :-)

Summer fun

Summer fun in the backyard.

Taking a drink - this was his favorite part.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First fishing trip and roughing it

Today Noah went on his first fishing trip with Doug and Grandpa Larry. Doug accidently forgot to take the camera, but I took a picture of them later in the day. The went up to Pine Flat and fished from Grandpa Larry's boat. They all had a good time, but it was so hot they only caught one little fish. I guess Noah cast a few times with Daddy's help, then he was content to play with and organize the plastic worms. Hopefully there will be many more fishing trips to come.

We were really "roughing it" this week. I am totally kidding, but it did seem like it there for a little while. The main water line to our house broke, so we had to have them come out and shut off all of the water, while Doug and Noah fixed the pipe. (Noah said it was just like Bob the builder). The water was off the whole day, so I had to go shower at my parents before my Arbonne party that evening. Then that same day we also lost our phone and internet service. We were switching providers, and for some reason there was a lapse in service. We now have a really good deal where we are saving a lot of money. And we thought we wouldn't have service for a whole week, but it just turned out to be a few days. Thank goodness for cell phones and our neighbors letting us borrow their wireless internet connection!

So much to blog about!

So much to blog about - I will try to catch up! (Not sure why it is underlining everything) Here are a few of the latest picture of Abigail.Abigail is not always in this chair! I know it must seem like it from the pictures. :-) These pictures just usually turn out way cuter than when she is doing tummy time etc.
Flower girl.

Lunch with Grandma VeVe on Saturday. We had such a nice visit.

Playing Domino's over at Grammie and Grandpa's. Noah always loves to go and visit.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Combed and pretty

The other day there was a comb on the couch downstairs - so Noah wanted to come my hair. I let him, and after he was done he said "There Mama, you look so combed and pretty". Who knows what I actually looked like - but that about melted my heart.

When Doug left the other day he said to Noah "Bye baby" and Noah said back to him "Bye baby!" The way it came out was so funny. We have been working on getting him to say things with out being prompted, like when someone tells him "I love you" to say "I love you too". He is starting to get it. :-)


There are some new and exciting things going on in regards to church at the Favelo household! We are waiting in anticipation to see what comes of some of the things God is doing with our family in that arena. I am not ready to put all my thoughts about it down on paper (it would be lengthy!) but ask me about it next time we talk... if your interested! :-)

Gotta get a pair

If you don't have a pair of swimming goggles, you have to get a pair! That is if you like to cook with chopped onions and you don't like to cry while preparing them. I came up with this idea a while back, and picked some up at Walgreens. Doug thought I was silly to spend money on them, but he sure does like to wear them now when it is his turn to cut the onions! (We have this really yummy "relish" that we make with our carne asada tacos and it is made of chopped onions, cilantro, and lime juice. We make it probably at least once a month, so I would say the goggles were a good purchase!!)

I know this was a kinda random post, but last time I was cutting the onions, I thought that I should blog about it - so hopefully it will help someone. :-)

New noises

Abigail is making all kinds of new noises. It seems like just last week she found out that she has a voice and that she can do things with it. She can now make the Bbbbbb.... sound while blowing spit bubbles, and she finds that quite amusing. She will also make the Mmmmm noise with pursed lips. She usually makes that one when she is tired or slightly disgruntled about something. And then she has what I affectionately call her pterodactyl noise. It is basically a screech. Sometimes it is a happy noise, sometimes upset, often time it seems she just does it so she can hear herself. If she gets frustrated she can do it really LOUD. Now I have no idea what a pterodactyl actually sounded like, but for some reason this is what I would imagine it to sound like. I will have to see if I can catch it on video.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The girls swimming

Swimming at my parents house - this is my current favorite picture. Abigail looks SO cute in her swim suit!!! :-)

Abigail in her bumbo chair

Abigail in her bumbo seat that Maryn gave her - so grown up!

Mommy and Abigail having fun. Isn't she brilliant?? :-) :-)