Thursday, April 2, 2009


After Noah got out of the bath this morning he pointed to his right nip*le and asked me: "Mommy, what is this bump?" I asked him back: "What do you think it is?" He said he didn't know and asked me again. I was really curious as to what he might think it was so I replied "Guess. What do you think it is?" He looked at me quizically and responded: "It is a kiss?" (He has a little brown birth mark on his tummy that we told him is where Jesus kissed him). So then I told him: "No, it is called a nipp*le" and then "you actually have two of them". So, then he asked me where the other one was. I told him to look for it. Pretty funny, he started looking all over, in his armpit etc. until he found the other one on the left side of his chest. Such a sweet boy.

Abigail is 11 months old, standing up

Abigail is 11 months now and such a sweetie. She LOVES to pull herself up to a standing position and then she will let go and balance. That has gone from 1 second of balancing to know she will sometimes do 10-15 seconds or more. She loves to pull herself up on the little bumbo chair we have for her, and then she will get herself in and out of it. A few times she has gotten herself to a standing position without using anything. I am guessing she will be taking a few steps before she turns 1! I can't believe that will be this month!!!

She just discovered the stairs, and would probably climb up the whole flight if we would let her. She seems to really like her new found independence of crawling and getting around. Although she is also learning that she doesn't always get her way - and she is having to submit her little will. We are training her and she is already learning to be obedient, she knows the word no, and she won't put something in her month if we say no - she won't touch something if we tell her not to. We are currently working on"Come here", and she has that down about 50% of the time. :-)

She plays little games with herself now. She will take a ball and roll it away from herself, crawl the few feet and get it and roll it again. She likes to put little things in cups or containers and then take them out again. She will stand up at the train table and take a train or a book or whatever and put it on the floor, then bend over and pick it up and put it back on the train table - over and over again.

She is definintly a people person and likes to be in on all the action. She is very verbal as well - she talks a lot. She is doing well with her sign langauge, although we sometimes tease that she is just a princess waving her hands (because many of her signs look similiar.) There is no mistaking when she makes the sign for milk.

She is becoming very much like her brother and likes to play outside in the dirt. Papa and Noah have affectionatly nicknamed her "The Dirt Girl". We need to get a set or two of play clothes designed for outside because all of her clothes are getting dirty.

Abigail is a really good eater. Everyone who sees her eat comments on how well and how much she eats. Honestly, she will shovel in the food just about as fast as I can cut it up and put it on her plate. Her current favorites are chicken, eggplant, and strawberries.

OK, that turned from a mini post - into all of what is new with Abigail. It is such a wonderful and humbling blessing to get to parent our children.

Thanks for reading!!

1 funny thing

OK, I need to get back in the habit of blogging. Noah has said a couple of funny things lately - but I can only remember one of them... :-( so I had better write it down before I forget that one to. We went to the Dr. today for Abigail - thinking that maybe she had an ear infection. Noah told the nurse and the Dr. that Abigail had an ear confection. (Turns out her ears were just fine).

More to come