Thursday, April 2, 2009


After Noah got out of the bath this morning he pointed to his right nip*le and asked me: "Mommy, what is this bump?" I asked him back: "What do you think it is?" He said he didn't know and asked me again. I was really curious as to what he might think it was so I replied "Guess. What do you think it is?" He looked at me quizically and responded: "It is a kiss?" (He has a little brown birth mark on his tummy that we told him is where Jesus kissed him). So then I told him: "No, it is called a nipp*le" and then "you actually have two of them". So, then he asked me where the other one was. I told him to look for it. Pretty funny, he started looking all over, in his armpit etc. until he found the other one on the left side of his chest. Such a sweet boy.

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