Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Bible in the morning

I had a very Godly and wonderful mom friend share with me that she likes to keep her Bible at the kitchen table so she can sneak in little times of reading the Word here and there with her family though out the day.

I have been doing this the last couple of months and really enjoying it. I have made it a habit to always read it at least during breakfast, and I make it a point to read it BEFORE I turn on my computer and check email, or anything like that. It has been really good. I will just read a section out loud and then discuss it with Noah while Abigail listens in. (Of course Doug does it with us if he is home at that time).

The last week or two, I have brought one of Noah's "Bibles" to the table, and we will read a couple of stories out of there. It has 100 different stories, which are basically just a verse and the story of 100 different Bible characters. He will always ask for "just one more please?" So precious!!!

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